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ELAN is a traditional design and leather workshop focused on creating minimalist accessories both as a form and as a use. Portofele, portcards, bags and all accessories respect our philosophy of creating simple and minimalist but versatile goods. We do not outsource our production, but rather make all our products internally, where we can control 100% of what we offer. Each item is built using traditional methods from cutting to tracing, drilling, punching and sewing. The ELAN workshop was founded in January 2015, when we started to make and sell our products in fairs and exhibitions. Since then, we have entered the online space and added another member to our team, both as a skinner and as a marketing specialist. Since 2017, we have moved to a more spacious workshop and added another member of the team, specializing in marketing and social media. As our brand continues to evolve, we are excited to see what the future holds for us and look forward to being with us on our journey! If you have promotion / collaboration proposals, we are waiting for you with an e-mail at projects@elanX.ro .

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