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TOP 5 ways you can tell if you have a natural leather product!

Precisely because we use only cowhide, we want to present you with a list of prominent differences that exist between natural and synthetic leather, a list that can be useful when you cannot know the origin of the skin or its type.


The smell of synthetic leather brings with it the smell of chemicals and vinyl while natural skin can be easily recognized even by someone uninformed.

Back of the skin

The back of the synthetic leather can have a textile treatment, while the natural leather is rougher; Although not a defining detail, you can also follow the stitching applied to the synthetic leather because it is treated with a thinner fabric.

Skin surface

At an evaluation careful, you will notice fine lines, pores, a shine, even imperfections in the case of natural skin, while synthetic skin tends to a uniform and uniform appearance.

Contact with water

Natural leather will absorb water for a defined period of time while synthetic leather does not have this ability.

Contact with fire

The smell given off by the synthetic skin in contact with the fire is an unpleasant, chemical one, while the natural skin gives off a specific smell, a unique animal smell. Synthetic leather burns more easily than natural leather.

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