Anul acesta punem ✋🛑 la comenzi pe 16.12 ca sa aiba timp 🎅 sa le livreze la timp 🫶! Cadoul perfect exista 👀 🦌

Fast courier delivery!

We have noticed a trend lately in terms of faulty deliveries, a trend that has not escaped us, and we want to highlight a few things in this post.

1. All orders placed after 14.12.2018 started to be processed by us starting with 7.01.2019; this means that we started to contact you either by e-mail or by phone, and for those who did not confirm within a reasonable period of 5 days, unfortunately we canceled the order.

2. Unfortunately, not all the orders I sent before 12/14/2018 arrived. We also know what it's like not to receive an order on time and that's why we put pressure on the courier company (FAN) to deliver the products. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't.

3. We will refund any order that did not reach you without discussion, and this has nothing to do with this period. We have made a commitment to you and we will keep it.

4. There are areas in the country, such as Cluj, Timisoara, Constanta, Sibiu, Iasi, where the courier company we work with has a very low efficiency, either due to lack of staff or other reasons, independent of us; we are not trying to apologize for a faulty delivery, we just want to find solutions to avoid such problems.

5. Given point 4, we have also entered into a partnership with GLS, in order to have an alternative to the current courier services.

In conclusion, we want to thank you for the patience you show when a product is delayed and to make sure that we always do our best to answer your questions. Even if we do not respond instantly to a message / email / phone, be sure to receive a response as soon as possible.

Beautiful weekend,

#ELAN team

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