Anul acesta punem ✋🛑 la comenzi pe 16.12 ca sa aiba timp 🎅 sa le livreze la timp 🫶! Cadoul perfect exista 👀 🦌

#elan in 2019!

We are in the last days of vacation before resuming our activity and we want that through this post we thank you first of all for all your words and for the pictures with #elan, under the tree, that you sent us. We are entering 2019 with the desire to offer you quality products, as we have become accustomed to, an efficient customer relationship system and maybe more ways in which you can buy our products.

In 2019 we want to offer you a wider range of accessories, innovative accessories that you have never seen before and that you will only find in our store. We want to provide you with special leather colors and unique textures.

And last but not least, maybe 2019 will be the year we enter the offline market.

Anyway, we hope you will be with us and we are waiting for you in the comments below, or on Facebook with what new accessories you would like to find in our store.

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