Anul acesta punem ✋🛑 la comenzi pe 16.12 ca sa aiba timp 🎅 sa le livreze la timp 🫶! Cadoul perfect exista 👀 🦌

Why don't we have more products?

Is that so. Why isn't our store more populated? Should we have bigger wallets, maybe smaller bags, a bag or a laptop case? The simple answer is because we don't want to. The more elaborate answer is because we do not want to populate the store just for the sake of diversity. I started the #elan adventure with a wallet, #elanONE, then I added to the collection some other models of wallets and portcards until #elanX appeared.

We, in fact, to be honest, withdrew certain wallet models from the online store. So instead of adding, we did the opposite. Why? Maybe because we hurried with those models and we were not 100% satisfied with both the shape and the background. Maybe because after the endurance tests they did not behave exemplary. Or maybe because we didn't like the way they looked.

The #Ella bag was a huge step for us, because we entered a niche still unknown, but overpopulated. At #Ella we worked for months, we "broke" patterns for n bags and we tested it enough to be satisfied with how it behaves. The quotation marks above are present because it is clear that such a product could not be made without research and effort. So in the end I didn't ruin anything. We played with patterns until our play turned into something serious and tangible.

In conclusion, be sure that every time a new product appears, it is the one that has successfully escaped our tests. And yes, until the end of the year we want to come up with something new.

Nice weekend everybody!

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