I received a faulty #elan! What can I do?!

Greetings #elani,

Today we answer the title question and we want to be very transparent!

The short answer.

Write to us at contact@elanX.ro, eventually send us a picture, explain the problem and you will receive 100% guaranteed another product.

The more nuanced answer.

We want to tell you from the beginning that absolutely all our products, after we make them, inspect them, clean them, polish them and then we pack them and send them to you. We do not deny that mistakes can occur in this process, but most of the time, the "defects" claimed do not come from the process of making the product but from the raw material, namely natural leather. As you read in a previous blog post, we use various skin types, some more shiny, some more "smooth", some get patina over time, some not, some thicker, some thinner. But the beauty of natural leather that is not ultra-peeled lies in the details, and the imperfection of a piece of leather makes exactly the product made from that piece unique. The handmade products are not meant to look perfect but are meant to be original, durable and to stand out, exactly through those imperfections.

In the picture above I attached a wallet made at least 3 years ago from a piece of leather very different from the one you see in stores e.g. It is not of inferior quality, it is not a waste, it is simply unique. I couldn't make an identical one because I couldn't find a piece of skin that looked identical.

What would you do if you received this wallet?

We are curious what do you think about products with small imperfections.

All the best,

#ELAN team

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