3 reasons why you need a minimalist wallet

How often do you carry a wallet? What do you store in it? From everything you have in your wallet, what do you really use every day? Do you have a wallet in your pocket now? Does it bother you every time you sit in a chair and are forced to put it on the table?

Most men carry their wallets all day, every day. And most men have too many wallets. One thing is clear. You don't need everything you put in your wallet.

Compact wallets are good for the back.

It is certain that, when you sit down on a chunky wallet, in one of the back pockets, you can ruin your posture. We will not go into the physiology behind this situation, but studies show that, over time, this can cause sciatica, a condition that manifests itself in pain located in the lower back.

Slim wallets are easier to access.

You were definitely in this situation. A crowded queue, maybe at the cafe or subway, and everything crashes when someone either can't find their travel card, bank card or bulletin. Maybe it was that person yourself ... I know it's not a very pleasant feeling.

Compact wallets allow you to carry the most important things, so you don't have to "dig" to find what you need.

Minimalist wallets are safer.

You can easily keep a compact wallet in your front pocket. You may not have problems with pickpockets in the area where you live, but when you travel this can become a problem; it's always a plus to know that you can move your wallet in your front pocket without sacrificing comfort. Moreover, when is the last time something fell out of your front pocket? Exact.

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